When buying interest in image / audio material / video / films of the prospective buyer must download the corresponding movie previews to make a selection in peace. The necessary conditions of a technical nature, are the responsibility of the buyer. Alternatively, the movie previews can be played directly, but take into account the load times are within a liquid as possible playback.
On the "Contact Us" page you will find a detailed description about the available film versions.
In addition to the purchase choice, any use or disclosure of the down-loaded film / Tonmaterial's is expressly prohibited and would justify claims for damages in case of infringement-treatment.
After the selection is made, the order is as follows:
1.) Click on the "Contact" button on the home page or the page "Trailer" for the
      desired film.
2.) on the page "Contact" you will find a detailed description about the available
      Film versions.
3) all the way down on the "Contact" page are the choices. meet
      Please indicate your choice and then click on the PayPal button "buy now".
                                     Then follow the instructions.
            Alternatively, you can choose the payment method "transfer".
                              the Pay Pay Pal is fast and secure.
          The sale of the goods / services offered shall be based on the
          Terms and
2.) order / contract award
Movie / audio / video material (Blu Ray, DVD)
3.) Prices
All prices are incl. VAT of 7%. When shipping the goods, the packaging come - and postage costs added.
per shipment (standard shipping) calculated - for CD / DVD / Blu Ray within Germany 4, - €, internationally 5,-€
4) Delivery
The delivery of the ordered film / sound / video DVD or -Blu Ray is immediate and reliable after receiving the payment via PayPal or bank transfer to our account. Delivery is by post.
Damage to a shipment must be reported to the transport carrier immediately, or to obtain a declaration
Die Payment for ordered goods is done either via Pay Pal (fast and safe)
or by bank transfer. The delivery is the proper invoice with VAT.
When payment request "Transfer" shall be the Purchaser immediately upon receipt of the order e-mail reply via e-mail with indication of our Bankkonto's for the transfer. Immediately after the credit of the transferred amount is charged
shipment of the ordered and paid for the goods.
5.) Payment
6) Retention of title
Alle goods supplied and services provided shall remain our property until full payment.
7.) Privacy Policy
Alle passed to us will only be used to process the relevant task. We store and process data only to the extent necessary for business purposes and as part of the Federal Data
Protection Act. It is assured that no data is given to the outside.
8.) Place of performance and jurisdiction
Performance for all claims arising from the contractual relationship and obligations 16835 Lindow (Mark) Germany.
To the extent permitted by law, 16816 Neuruppin /Germany exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship, directly or indirectly arising disputes.
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be invalid under any other agreement or, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions or agreements.
Home Conditions
Terms and Conditions
All services provided by Attigfilm services and deliveries are made exclusively to the following conditions. By placing an order, the buyer agrees to these terms and conditions. Deviating conditions of purchase are hereby expressly rejected, it creates no obligation for us.
1.) General
Important note:
In case of doubt or uncertainty as a result of ambiguous language translation is in all cases the German text on these pages should be consulted and authoritative in all cases.